The Zenn Box ZN5000 rechargeable disposable device comes in new exciting flavors. Our device's sleek and simple design is so convenient to hold and easy to use. Zenn Box ZN5000 comes with 13 ml e-liquid. The Mesh Coil ZN5000 makes it more unique to others, it gives a smooth, silent, and consistent enriched draw. ZN5000 lasts up to 5000 puffs and contains 5% of nicotine with a 500mAh rechargeable battery. Each Zenn Box Disposable comes with 10 disposable vapes per box, combining these features gives users a less injurious but luxurious vaping experience. It is available in 10 bombings and fruity flavors!



      Unlike ordinary disposables, which use a single coil, the ZN5000 mesh coils work together to give intense taste and smooth draws.

      Draw Activated

      ZN5000 has a draw-activated mechanism which means you don’t need to press certain buttons for using it. All you need is to just pick it up and start vaping


      ZN5000 has a type-C Charging port and 500mAh Battery capacity guaranteed to last until you're finished using this device.

      Nicotine Strength

      5% of Nicotine is a healthier option than Cigarettes.

      E-liquid Capacity

      Each ZN5000 piece comes prefilled with an amazing 13ml of E-juice that will last for up to 5000 puffs. That can be better for quitting cigarettes.

      Puff Count

      Zenn Box’s Disposable vape can last up to 5000 puffs which makes it longer-lasting than many of the other disposables on the market. Each Zenn box contains 10 Pieces per Box.


      Mango Ice

      It gives a feeling of fresh and ripe mango with icey flavor to vapers during the process of inhalation and exhalation. This is because of the added menthol included in the pods. Because of this, it has a bit of solid throat hitting

      Blueberry Raspberry lemon
      capturing sweet and sour blueberries paired with raspberries and zingy-sweet lemon highlights creating a satisfying vape flavor throughout.

      Tropical Rainbow
      Tropical rainbow blast tastes like a variety of berry and fruit flavors that create the perfect combination of tropical and sweet taste.

      Strawberry Ice
      The strawberry is delicious being equally sweet and fruity. It has a smooth hit and the ice adds a cooling that stops it from being overly sweet.

      Gummy Bear
      Gummy bear is a sensationally-sweet blend of strawberry, lemon, lime, orange, and blackcurrant and perfectly mimics the taste of traditional gummy bear sweets.

      Blueberry Ice
      The Blueberry Ice flavor recreates the classic taste of forest fruits and gives it a cool finish. The sweet notes of the blueberry are softened on exhale by ice.

      Super Mint is super refreshing and the perfect palate cleanser to use. If you love mint with chilly cold ice.

      Snow cone ice
      Snow Cone Ice is a fresh flavor that's not sweet but not fruity. There's plenty of ice, so it really does taste like a fresh snow cone.

      Kiwi Dragon Berry
      Kiwi Dragon Berry by Ripe Collection is an exotic fruit cocktail of refreshing kiwi, smooth, sweet blueberries, and out-of-this-world Dragon Fruit.

      Watermelon Ice
      The watermelon ice flavor brings with it the distinct taste of exotic watermelon, intensified by notes of menthol