How Does Vaping Affect Life Insurance

How Does Vaping Affect Life Insurance

Vaping Costs Life Insurance Rates Heavily! Need to know how?

Life insurance costs are exclusively based on your lifestyle choices and especially on your health. One major factor that affects the price of your insurance is your smoking habits. You’re surely subject to higher insurance rates if you are a smoker. If you use vapes, smoke cigarettes, or consume any products having nicotine, you consider a smoker. Generally, it requires a rehab period of almost one year to avail non-smokers insurance rates after quitting smoking.

Almost all life insurance firms estimate their premiums based on an individual’s health conditions, lifestyle status, and other factors. This signifies that any bustle that can upsurge the risk of an illness or injury can disturb your life insurance premium. 

Vaping increases the insurance rates

E-cigarettes have been well thought-out safe in comparison to tobacco cigarettes, but they have elevated quite a few red flags.

A recent study found that e-cigarettes may link to a 40% increase in the jeopardy of asthma and a 50% growth in the risk of having a chronic obstructive lung condition. 

It has also been found in the research that utilizing e-cigarettes for cannabis products may cause the most adverse effects.

The prime irony is that earlier e-cigarettes were thought to aid traditional smokers quit cigarettes. But when these products have started marketing as safer than nicotine cigarettes. Since then vapes have fortified many young people to start the consumption of nicotine.

So, even if you do not smoke nicotine cigarettes, your insurance company may consider that you are most likely to do so in the future if you are vaping regularly.

Vaping in the view of insurance companies

There is no good impression of vaping in the mind of life insurance companies. Because vaping is considered similar to smoking tobacco, those who vape more often are called together with the ones who smoke cigarettes regularly.

If you do vape and looking for a life insurance plan, we advise you to always connect to a licensed life insurance advisor. This is because of the multi-variate rates in terms of smokers along with the availability of smoker’s incentive plans.

This points to the fact that your insurance premium will be dependent heavily on how the life insurance company defines a “smoker.”

It is easy to be overwhelmed with a bulk of available options. In this disguise, an advisor can help you opt for the perfect plan with amazing discounts and incentives along with value for your money.


Effects of vaping on Life Insurance Rates

In the perspective of insurance companies, vaping is a kith and kin to smoking. Thus, the higher the risk the more expensive premiums would be, no matter whether you vape as a recreational device or as a habit. Vaping always creates a greater impact on life insurance rates and there is no way around it.

So is there any proxy to get more reasonable or cheaper premiums while vaping? Well, hell no! There’s no other way around it. If you want to get the absolute lowest premiums, kicking the habit of smoking is the only answer.

If you’re still under confusion, make sure to research around as much as you can. Life insurance policies may be standard in general, but how they implement according to your health rating may vary. 

Consequently, availing of the services of a life insurance agent or certified financial planner may help in getting you the best possible rates of insurance. Subsequently, these agents have expertise in each insurance company’s processes and market niche. That’s the reason they can help you assign a policy that exactly fit your circumstances. 

The point is that some insurers were more lenient to vape users with their policies a few years back. But for now, it’s a different scenario as research is conducted. Insurance companies will always consider vaping and smoking going hand in hand in terms of risk.

Some renowned reinsurers of the world advised their partner insurance companies to be more cautious in insuring people. Even the individuals aged 25 and under. That’s after the recent emergence of lung injuries caused by vaping. 


For regulation of vape products, there’s a need for proper steps in the right direction. Though it is not guaranteed that it will alleviate the health risks involved with vaping. Until or unless more research and studies can confirm its actual arising effects. Well, Insurance companies can only play it safe by leveraging more expensive premiums. To their policyholders who use vape products. So yes, the vape user can purchase a life insurance policy easily but at the cost of more expensive premiums. So research to get the best premium rates for yourself. If you’re not going to lose the vaping habit, just expect to pay more.