The Top Most-Desired Flavors of Air Bar Diamond

The Top Most-Desired Flavors of Air Bar Diamond

The unbeatable popularity of disposable vapes leading manufacturers to launch more effective and user-favorite vape devices. The Air Bar Diamond is the latest release of this series by Suorin technology. Whilst, this brand acknowledges the customer’s taste and preferences and keeps pumping wonderfully designed disposable vapes into the market.

Functionally, the Air Bar Diamond disposable vape has a royal diamond cut like a casing, making it so easy to hold. It’s a thin compact disposable vape device that provides an immense user-friendly experience to the vapor. Similarly, these features make the diamond bar the first choice for first-time users.

Additionally, the Air Bar product features are described as having 5% nicotine concentration strength by weight. The Air Bar Diamond disposable vape has assembled with 1.8ml pre-filled e-liquid tank.  Plus, a 380mAh non-rechargeable battery capacity makes it powerful till the last puff count. It delivers up to 500 puffs per device.

Moreover, this brand-assembled power-charged 380mAh battery can make your device work enough for an average of 3 days. Their throat hit reaches the summit of perfection so it won’t get too harsh or too soft and suit all kinds of vapers. In addition, the Sourin technology is known for utilizing premium quality cotton in its E-cigs. So, the user can enjoy an optimized delivery of flavor.

In extend to this, the Air Bar Diamond is filled with amazing blends of sweet-scented fruity and cool flavors. It pops up as soon as you inhale and leave an amazing aroma upon exhaling the aerosol. Well, the diamond bar is available in 10 enriched flavors. 

Air Bar Diamond Vape Flavors list:

Cherry Cola: 

Who doesn’t love cola? The most preferred drink of all time. Now the cola is blend the Cherry flavor to advent a soft drink. It’s fruity taste gives a unique vaping experience. So, the users forget the drink, and this piquant flavor of Cherry Cola will impress the palate even more. Besides, Air Bar Diamond doesn't just joke around with this extraordinary mix. Chiefly, It’s effervescent savory flavor will surely leave a long-lasting impression on your senses.

Mango Strawberry:

Undeniably, the one and only king of the fruit, tango mango blended with sweet strawberries. Thereupon, the Air Bar Diamond Mango Strawberry is having an aroma to impress your senses. This extravagant goodness of two fruits will leave a mixture of sweet smoothie ingredients on the tip of your hands. Eventually, delivers to your taste buds per every inhalation. 

Strawberry Watermelon:

 Significantly, a classic fruity flavor that has sweet and sour derivatives from the strawberries and blends the earthy flavors of watermelon. Likewise, the sweet essence of berries and melon embellish your taste buds. The Air Bar Diamond Strawberry Watermelon is excellent for treating the palate. Evidently, its long-deserved dessert craving in all of the right ways. 

Banana Pineapple: 

A smooth mix of fresh pineapples and yummy bananas. Chiefly, an unbeatable flavor arises by blending one tropical delight with another. The Air Bar Diamond Banana and Pineapple delivers a sweet and tart aroma that proves that nothing can beat this.

Cool Mint: 

Albeit, the freshness of Spearmint flavor is a traditional element of refreshment. This flavor presents itself in the right portions. This Source flavor of Air Bar Diamond Cool Mint will give a boost to your senses. Altogether, delivers as same as a feeling of the climb to the top of Mount Everest will.


Watermelon Candy: 

Empathically, this flavor will put you right in the memory of Candy Cane taste. A blend that allows your senses to have a treat by the Air Bar Diamond Watermelon Candy. Following, a flair dropped right from the heavens to bless the palate with a revitalizing sensation of sweetness. Also, a flavorful candied punch like a miracle. 

Pineapple Ice: 

Significantly, it’s invented to revitalize the user via a cool breeze on a hot summer day. Nevertheless, Air Bar Diamond Pineapple Ice won't leave you tired and dusty! Enjoy a sweet and chilled twist of tropical pineapple with an icy freshness to improve your mood now! 

Banana Ice:

In essence, with a hint reminiscent of vanilla, honey takes your smooth sensual perception to the next level. With the Air Bar Diamond Banana Ice flavor. Thereupon, the sweet flavor of this potassium-bearing fruit having the right amount of tropical notes will revive your senses. Though, understanding the true meaning of freshness for good.

Watermelon Ice: 

This flavor is very close to lush ice which includes a watermelon menthol flavor. The essence of seasonal potency is contained within this perfectly crafted Air Bar Diamond Watermelon Ice. It’s a gift handed by nature. Release the earthy flavors delivered straight to the tip of your buds.

Blueberry Ice:  

A perfect bond of sweet blueberry tartness with an icy menthol finish that delivers the true blessings of life. With the Air Bar Diamond Blueberry Ice. Known as the most-liked flavor by vapers because the initial puff of this berry-filled goodness wakes your senses up. Thus, it is transported into a hallway of the chilly mountain.

Grape Ice: 

The succulent flavor, with the taste of freshly picked, vine-ripened juicy grapes that overwhelms your taste buds. Allow yourself to enjoy simply the best. The Air Bar Diamond Grape Ice is a gem of disposables. A delicious combination of berry harmony.


An enchanting tang and juicy flesh, tarty cream laconic peel, a luscious sweet fruity flavor. The Air Bar Diamond Peach is a wind of simple sweetness, advent to deliver ripe goodness. With an overshadowing of the freshness of peach that bestows true delight upon the palate.


The exotic tango mango flavor is adored by mango fans. It unearths the cordial scopes embodied by your taste as the smooth blister of Air Bar Diamond's Mango clutches senses. The vapers palate blesses with the richness of mango it deserves. It enables the consumer to discover for themselves, the motive behind harmony is the lone bestowed bliss.

All these desired flavors and iconic blends of Air Bar Diamond are exclusively available on ZennVapes. So, order your favorite flavored Air Bar Diamond online now, and get it delivered at you door steps.