How Long Do Disposable Vape Pens Last? Tips & Tricks for Optimum Use

How Long Do Disposable Vape Pens Last? Tips & Tricks for Optimum Use

Since the excessive use of vapes because of the vaping trend among 21st-century people. It becomes the need to know how to do vapes functions. Especially how to use these vapes and how long these pens last. As per their disposable specification, these vape pens do not give the user a long-run experience. So, the users need to be aware of how long they can hold these disposables and when id the day they need to make their next purchase of vapes. Despite their short life, these are amongst trends because of their easily pocketed size, easily tote well in a purse, and can be carried in the palm with very little difficulty. Vape pens are also popular because wherever smoking is prohibited a vape pen may be enjoyed at its fullest. 

Refillable Disposable Vape

These pens can hold approx. 60mL of vape juice. By this means, you can get up to 200 puffs on each disposal, depending on the density of draw and frequency of puffs. If the user takes three puffs at a time and five times a day for a total of fifteen puffs, the vape pen can last around two weeks. Refillable cartridges for this type of disposable vape can last for six refills. It means that a single refillable disposable vape pen can last around three months.

Prefilled Disposable Vape

Single-fill disposable vape pens last as long as the one-time pre-filled e-juice in them. It depends on how often the user takes a drag on your vape pen. Pro vapors can dispose of this type of vape pen within a day. Otherwise, regular users can make it last a little bit longer which may be as long as three days.

Refillable Reusable Vape

Refillable reusable vape pens are not disposable. They are designed to last even longer. To keep it going, only require recharging or replacing the batteries. Some productions may also require regular replacements of the atomizer, but that depends on the model. Upon proper maintenance, these refillable reusable vape pens can last a few years. If the user follows the manufacturer's instructions and uses warnings, it can ensure the long life of the reusable vape pen.

Let’s have a look at the best tips and tricks for disposable vapes:

1.   Proper Storage

The device pen should store in a cool, dry place. Direct sunlight and too much exposure to moisture can badly affect the device’s performance and battery life.

However, it’s not suggested to store your disposable vape for long-term storage. Because the e-liquid can expire and the cartridge in disposable pens is not removable.

It's essential to store it properly, to ensure that the device lasts long to achieve the maximum value from your purchase.

2.   Never Disassemble

A disposable device has a different assembling purpose, these can neither recharge nor refill. Disposables are not meant to be recharged or disassembled. It is advisable never to attempt to disassemble the disposable device or recharge it.  And attempting such actions can compromise the device’s safety.

However, rechargeable pens are made to keep the device, recharge it, and switch the tanks (or pods) with a fresh cartridge. Just plug it into a charger to recharge, despite repeatedly throwing the device away.

3.   Device Functioning

Some disposable vapes come with a switch on the button whereas others vapes activate automatically. The disposable vape that has this button turns on the device. So, click it before inhaling. Upon clicking the button, an indicator light illuminates, letting the user know the device is ready to use.

Whereas, some disposable vapes don’t have any indicating button. These can easily activate on inhalation. However, the light indicates via signals that the device is creating the vapors. The indicator light should turn on or flash while inhaling.

4.   Adequate Inhale

The process is when the battery powers the heating chamber upon inhaling, to heat the e-juice or oil residing in the tank and turns the liquid into vapor to inhale.

It’s indispensable to inhale correctly Since inhalation activates the device. For this purpose, it's best to puff in small amounts at a time for about 2-3 seconds, as a first-time user. That’s how the user won't be overwhelmed with too deep inhalations resulting uncomfortable experience.

Inhaling too sharply or intensely causes light-headedness. Making the device not last as long as it should and overwork the automizer.

5.   Safe Disposal

Generally, it is not right to toss the disposable device away in any garbage. However, everyone should always drop their used vape device off at a Hazardous Materials Management Facility or even a place that recycles batteries in the locality to dispose of the vape in a more environmentally safe way. 

So "How Long Do Vape Pens Last?" Actually

It is not right to claim a typical answer about the functional life of vape pens. Hence there are numerous types of vapes existing in the market as per their functions and capabilities. Although, various factors play a part in the way of the usage of vape pens. It depends on the type, frequency, refilling, quality, and affordability. You have to do extensive research before making a final purchase to choose the best one that suits per requirements.