Is Vaping Better For the Environment Than Smoking?

Is Vaping Better For the Environment Than Smoking?


Both vaping and smoking effects the environment. But now the point to acknowledge is which one affects the environment most among them. This research will assist in providing an understanding of developing a better habit. So, everyone can play their part in saving the earth by going green with better choices.

Cigarette smoking, not only harms only those people who are consuming it or presenting around but also the environment badly. despite knowing all the hazards of tobacco smoking, many smokers can’t help it quit their harmful habit. An alternative, recent talk of the town, in the form of electronic cigarettes is proven to be safer in comparison to smoking. Let’s check out if it possesses the qualities to be environmentally friendly or not.

There’re multiple ways that either vaping or smoking can affect the environment. These effects differ, and one of the two practices is relatively more damaging to our planet. How the tobacco or electronic cigarettes can bring changes to mother nature? The answer is below.

Harmful wastage

Undeniably, cigarettes are exclusive participants in global waste. cigarettes don't biodegrade like, litter from food containers made of paper or cardboard. It takes a period of around 10 years to break down and dissolve into a plasticine liquid. Cigarette waste is also highly toxic. They release chemicals and tar constituents into waterways.

On the contrary, vaping waste is quite minimal. There are reusable vape pens available. Also, some cartomizers even come with a refillable option.

Atmospheric pollution

Cigarette butts are at the top of the list of the most littered items by 38% of all collected litter. A cigarette but never biodegrade naturally. Countless butts of cigarettes end up floating in water bodies or even lying on the ground and releasing ammonia, benzene, lead, arsenic, and other toxic chemicals harming wildlife extensively.

Smokers release nearly 2.6 billion kg emission of carbon dioxide and also 5.2 billion kg of methane directly into the atmosphere yearly. Hence, these chemicals are direct contributors to global warming.

Although, vaping is a new practice. like the latest air bar diamond vape is so popular that Scientists are still working on finding out the long-term effects of vaping 

on people as well as the environment. Some researchers found toxic chemicals in vapor, but in minimal quantity as compared with their concentration in tobacco. Hence, the air released from second-hand vapor is safer than second-hand smoke.

For example, 5 ml of an e-liquid is equal to 3 packs of standard cigarettes. In such a way, a pack-a-day smoker waste 60 cigarette butts. This litter harms the environment for years.


Nobody can deny the importance of forests. These are natural habitats for animals. Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, vital for all living beings. Significantly, deforestation is the root of global warming.

Wood burning is involved in the process of drying and curing tobacco plants. Almost 11.4 million tons of wood waste for this purpose annually. It is so because the tobacco plant is exposed to several diseases and an also a favorite plant for insects and pests which eat this happily. Furthermore, paper, filters, and packaging are also made up of wood. 300 cigarettes cost a whole tree to destroy. On the other hand, vape production doesn’t need wood or trees mainly. Also there is no statistical proof that how many trees are required for vaping need.


The cultivation of tobacco requires a huge number of fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals. These perilous pollutants penetrate the soil and eventually hinder its fertility. Additionally, the Tobacco plant demands enriched soil and extracts all essential nutrients from it. With this extreme nature, the tobacco makes the land unsuitable for growing any other plant. It causes soil degradation. Thus, it brings desertification to that area of land. The manufacturing of e-liquids and e-liquid doesn’t require any kind of farming.

Harmful impact on animals

Tobacco smoke releases about 7,000 different chemicals and 250 of them are extremely harmful to health. Moreover, sea creatures can accidentally swallow toxic residue cigarette butts and face poisoning consequences and even death. The butt swells in the sea animal’s stomach, creating a wrong feeling of satiation. So, that animal leaves eating and starves to death. Cigarette debris kills 1 million seabirds and 100,000 mammals at least per year. Vapers must keep the e-liquid bottles out of the reach of children and pets as well. Most e-juices contain nicotine – from 3 to24 mg/ml. Accidental consumption of e-liquid leads to nicotine poisoning.


Second-hand cigarette smoke releases chemicals like carbon monoxide and cyanide into the air which are deadly toxic. This smoke causes lung cancer and increases the risk of heart disease. Contra vise,  thou the vapor from e-cigarettes does have harmful substances,  it doesn't level up from recommended exposure.