Let’s Investigate the Pros and Cons of Disposable Vape Kits

Let’s Investigate the Pros and Cons of Disposable Vape Kits

Vaping has become all the time more prevalent and gaining adhesion because it provides a safer alternative to cigarette smoking. This blog post here at ZennVapes will break down the pros and cons of disposable vape kits. By reading this, you will surely get help to decide on whether disposable pens are best suitable for you or not. If still there is any questions or queries arise in your mind, we are here at ZennVapes and more than welcome to communicate with you always. Moreover, you can simply take a look at our online collections online to find the best vape for yourself.

Well, as with any other thing that existed in the world, it’s not all good and not all bad. Disposables acquired a good place, but they also come with their drawbacks. To this extent, we have outlined the pros and cons of Disposable Vape Kits to help you make a better decision.

The Pros of Disposable Vape Kits


There’s no tension in getting sad by not finding your favorite flavor. Disposable vapes are now available in flavors as much as vape juice flavors that were previously available for refillable. Some of the best e-liquid brands in the world have joined the disposable vape kits party.


Manufacturers of disposable vapes use nicotine salt-based e-liquids in the products. Nic salts have been researched to have multiple advantages, as compared to standard freebase nicotine for novice vapers. Without the harsh hit on the throat, produce by high quantities of freebase nicotine, these vapes execute the higher levels of nicotine, required to keep the intense cravings.


If you’re a real pro smoker who’s looking to quit cigarettes, you’ve probably searched about vaping. One of the points to think is to think about the cost associated to buy a vaping kit with multiple vape pens of e-liquids. Whereas the buyer only needs to spend a few pounds, which is around the cost of 20 cigs to give disposables a go. Plus, the currently available puff bars are so advanced. These deliver a very likely experience of vaping. It helps the user decide whether he could make the switch for real.

Social Smokers

Vapes allow you a feeling of complete and freely acceptable by the members of the gathering you are with. The reason behind this is vape produces a sweet scent or flavor full of smoke which is better than tobacco cig smoke. By vaping, you can enjoy your smoking desires rather than go and hide in a smoking room or far away from gathering just because of the bad smell of the smoke released from tobacco cigarettes.


Disposable vapes are only presented as mouth-to-lung devices. Thus, this is the ideal vaping style for the one who is switching from smoking, it also offers far more pleasure than the direct-to-lung style offered by advanced vapers. Plus, the vape bars are so pocket friendly and compact too.

The Cons of Disposable Vape Kits

Costly in the Short Term

Though the low price of disposables is considered to merit their cost should also be taken as a drawback. For a heavy user, it is going through puff bars costs a rate of knots. However, they’ll still cost less than the equal number of cigarettes would cost. Moreover, if you’re a pro vaper, you should get a refillable device. It’ll surely cost you far less but in the long run.


Going green should be our priority to save the environment. In this case, we all have a responsibility to use fewer single-use products. If your pro at vaping, using a refillable vaping device is the best way to take part in preserving the planet. Disposables are handy to have around, but they ain’t good for planet earth.


Disposable vape bars are only existing as MTL devices. While this is good to take a start or switch from smoking, as time passes by to vaping you may want to switch from MTL to DTL style. Then you’ll have no choice left other than to choose the required kit.

The Choice is Yours!

Without any doubt that disposable vapes are available today having zero resemblance to the cig-a likes of decades ago. With those cigs, as the only available option between traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes. It’s not shocking that the earlier smoke adopters believed that vaping was never gonna offer them a completely viable alternative to smoking. Although, today’s disposable vapes are fast-forwarded and fantastic. They offer the correct amount of nicotine essential to satisfy those early intense cravings for people quitting smoking. They’re also designed to deliver the equivalent puffs of a pack of 20 cigarettes before they finished out; and when run out, the user can simply dispose of them off and replace them with a new one.