Major Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp

Major Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp


Researchers have discovered a different number of references to the use of cannabis throughout history. According to Thomas Jefferson, “Hemp is the first need to the protection and wealth for a country.” Even the first ever drafts of the US constitution had written on hemp, although later than parchment paper had used for the final copy.

As time passes by, it is baffling to perceive that the cannabis plant has ever banned. After the use for a long time, it considers an illegitimate ban product. It must keep in mind this has been done as current generations have been exposed to heavy consumption of the use of cannabis.

The reasons for the prohibition of cannabis seem alleged due to the psychotropic effects. They have tempted by the ingestion of THC. It is a popular compound that is dominant in particular strains of cannabis, commonly known as marijuana. Whilst, a little botanical differentiation exists between recreational marijuana and hemp. These two strains are unlike in terms of the purposes they have been commonly used for.

What is hemp? 

Hemp is a strain of the cannabis plant. This term refers to the amount of THC content that is less than 0.3 percent by dry weight. Well, there’s no taxonomical difference between hemp and cannabis. it’s difficult to distinguish between the two. By all means, the THC level in hemp is quite low, it’s unlikely to get high. This proportion has used in the legal definition of hemp, under the Agriculture Act 2018.

What is marijuana? 

Whereas marijuana is that strain of cannabis that gets you high. This term has also used interchangeably with “weed”. According to the law, “marijuana” term has used for cannabis with more than 0.3 percent THC by dry weight.

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Cannabis’s beneficial effects are often present in the cannabis flower.  To experience a good high smoke or extract these flowers into tinctures and edibles.

THC produces a high and may use in medical, like pain management. Cannabis strains low in THC, but higher with other cannabinoids, like CBD, produce beneficial effects but won’t get high.

Whilst Hemp also grows to create other products, including plastic, paper, clothing, textiles, animal feed, also food products. Hemp seed is well nutritious, a complete protein high in fiber. Because hemp cultivates faster than any other crops or trees, hence it considers being a more sustainable way of making necessary products like paper and textiles.


According to Farm Bill, it is legal to cultivate hemp, or cannabis having less than 0.3 percent THC, in the United States. But cannabis having more than the above level is federally illegal to grow.

Hemp vs Marijuana

Well, Hemp and Marijuana are the same species of plant but are two different strains of cannabis, a type of flowering plant. While the law differentiates between “hemp” and “marijuana,” because of THC content but science does not. Whilst, THC is one of the chemicals found in the cannabis plant that primarily associates “high” feeling with cannabis.

Distinct high element

There’s a very slight but noticeable point to remember while referring to hemp in the same term as cannabis. Consumption of hemp plant can get the person high. Despite a strain of cannabis. Although marijuana brings a high element of consumption comes from the same plant species. The term hemp has used to categorize cannabis, which contains little < .03% to no THC. 

Different Usage

The distinct percentage of cannabinoids in both cannabis Hemp and Marijuana make their usage different. Marijuana has particularly used either recreationally by smoking or medically by ingesting. On the contrary, Hemp has used for different variety of products, from building materials to lotion and oil, even clothing.

Dissimilar growth

As per their distinguished use, they also grow differently according to their specific required environment.  Marijuana particularly grows indoors under certain light settings.  Their special growing surroundings optimizes to maximize the content of THC in the flowery buds.  On the contrary, hemp plant cultivates out of doors to maximize the size of the plant. So these can utilize on a mass scale. 

Distinguish legality

many countries around the globe banned the import of marijuana. This can lead the person to big trouble upon trying to take marijuana in other countries. When it comes to importing hemp products, it is not illegal specifically, in the USA.  It estimates that the U.S. imports industrial hemp worth half a billion dollars of products yearly.


In conclusion, Hemp and marijuana plants both are the same species of cannabis plants. It is the law that differentiates both as per their THC content present in there. Hemp possesses less THC around 0.3 percent or less, on the other hand, marijuana contains more than 0.3 percent THC. Whilst, CBD (cannabinoids) can extract from both hemp and marijuana plants.