Navigate the Pitfalls of Vape Taste Burnout

Navigate the Pitfalls of Vape Taste Burnout

Vaping brings a lot of fun and excitement, from trialing with different e-liquid flavors down to chasing massive clouds. However, as an electronic device, there is nothing more frustrating than getting a sudden burnt taste from the vape. Consequently, the chances are present that the e-juice tastes like charred paper resulting in the harsh hit affecting your throat. As soon as the vapor gets to hit your lungs, you may end up vomiting or choking.

Tips & Tricks to Avoid Vape Bar Burnout

Don’t worry, we’ve covered all insights in this article. Why does a burnt vape taste arise and how to prevent this from happening?

How Does a Burnt Vape Taste Arise?

The burnt taste the user gets is an awful experience because instead of a smooth draw it brings the worst burnt-out feeling when the vapor comes down your throat after a long puff. Always remember that this can be a burnt or a dry hit too.

What is a Dry Hit?

A dry hit occurs when the user draws from vaping device and there's a shortage of juice on the combusting material. As a result, the consumer gets a mouthful of burnt cotton rather than a smooth e-liquid.

It can arise because, in refillable vape devices, the first measure is to check that there is enough e-liquid in the tank. It has been seen that even the pro vapers sometimes forget to refill their vape and start hitting.

Well in the case of disposable vape devices, In ninety out of a hundred cases of vape bar burnout, behind the scene is running out of juice, which indicates to dispose of and resume your vaping journey with the latest and the new one.

However, both of the situations are different and unpleasant.

If you’re wondering why this happens, be aware that it concerns the wick inside your vape’s atomizer coil. Keep notice that it soaks up the e-juice from the tank and when the coil heats up, it converts that into vapors. The problem arises when the coil dries up and no longer saturation of the wick with e-juice. As a consequence, it leaves an obscene taste in the mouth and throat of the user by vaping.

Handy Troubleshooting Guide to Vape Taste Burnout

let’s take a look at the causes behind the burnt taste of the vape and resolve such issues.

Change of the Coil:

The first and foremost action to be taken to avoid the unpleasant flavor is to exchange the coil with a new and the latest one. That is the best way to resolve the burnt issue and its wick has enough e-juice for a cozy flavor.

Avoid Chain Vaping:

Otherwise, the next possible solution to avoid a burnt taste from a vape is to have enough breathing space in between hits. Functionally, take around 15 to 20 seconds of resting period before you resume vaping again, as it tolerates the wick to get wet to release better flavor. try a vape juice with higher nicotine strength. Countering this is simple, give the wick enough chance to resoak, after you’ve hit a couple of puffs.

Change of the Position

The user might need to tilt the device or dap it upside down If the tank is about to empty. To get the last drop of the e-juice into the coil. Moreover, if the wick is going to the end, obviously it might not be performing as well as it was soaking up the e-liquid initially. Hence, Just let it sit for a while thus enabling it to absorb the last drops.

The Device Could be Faulty

Like any other multiple-components electronic device. They are enough chances of going wrong at any time. If the above tools won’t work, and still there’s juice left in the tank, it is simply that the device gets faulty. There is no guarantee of infallibility. 

The Time of Disposal

Disposable vape bars are made to replace the estimated number of puffs the consumer would expect from a pack of cigarettes. Nevertheless, it varies from brand to brand. They aren’t intended to last forever. Once the e-liquid tank is empty, or otherwise, the battery runs out of the required charge, it’s time to purchase a new one.


Now, it’s time to upgrade your level with vaping experience by avoiding an unpleasant burnt vape taste! At this point, you are well aware of the causes of a burnt vape taste and what you can do to avoid it. In conclusion, make sure to consider all the reliable and valuable information. So, follow the steps outlined mentioned above. Along with these in place, you’ll have an amazingly optimal vaping experience with no worries to deal with a burnt taste of vaping ever again!