The Incredible Science of Pod System Vape

The Incredible Science of Pod System Vape

The urge of getting data-driven facts about POD vape and system leads you here. You are absolutely on the right way to get let all possible info about Pod vape and system.

What is a Pod System Vape?

A pod system is a predominantly compact setup vape device. It uses vape pods instead of your regular atomizer, (a device for converting a liquid to a fine spray). However, a pod vapes sometimes referred to as a pod device, is a sort of electronic cigarette. That works with a vape pod system. A pod system vape assembles with a battery, which assigns to a vape pod containing e-liquid. Conjointly, the two form a mechanism called a pod system.

In simple words, Pod system vapes are small vaping devices with compatible cartridges. You can say mini tanks for your multi-variate e-juices of choice. These devices are miniature vapes that use a two-part system. This mechanism assembling of two parts, a small battery pack to enlighten to release e-liquid and a tank like a pod filled with e-liquid or vape juice.

Pod System Types

Pod system vapes are available in two options:

  • Refillable
  • Pre-filled

Generally, pod system vapes activate the cartridge and produce vapor upon each inhale. Sometimes pod system vapes feature power buttons or switches.

These vapes are compressed and lightweight, whether they're disposable, or refillable, they are simple to use and can be carried around.

Pod systems have been available in the market for quite a while. But why these are getting more demanded and we’re seeing more taking over the market. The reason is that these vapes now launch with nicotine salts. Nicotine salts supply a much more lustrous mouth-to-lung performance as compared to its freebase corresponding item.

The use of nicotine salts makes pod vapes set themselves apart from other types of e-cigarettes. It happens through their high-powered, sub-ohm, a resistance of fewer than 1.0 ohms. A vape is designed to work with e-liquids that hold freebase nicotine. Pod vapes are assembled to work with vape juices that contain nic salts. The big benefit here is the dual function. First, the nicotine salts are milder, which makes the throat hit that much more pleasing. Second, they boost your nicotine absorption degree. Henceforth, pod vapes are the most appropriate option for former cigarette smokers who are thinking towards switch.


In the final analysis, pod systems are very easy-to-use systems. That fascinates people with its compact factor and delivers a vape extremely similar to a cigarette. Hence, it is ideal for those substituting from smoking to vaping. But on the other hand, vapes come in a compact size, comes a smaller tank capacity with an integrated coil that can’t be detached (for some). It is now getting more popular and more common for pod systems to feature a replaceable coil. The matter will fluctuate from system to system. If you’re looking for an innovative, portable vape that lets you vape comfortably or a fresher to the vaping industry. We’d highly recommend a pod system, to start with or designed for on the go.