The Subtle Art To Be A Pro Vaper!

The Subtle Art To Be A Pro Vaper!

Disposable Vape Vs Regular Vape

A disposable vaporizer is an electronic device that heat-up E-liquid into vapors that inhale by the consumer. Disposable vapes are compact and foolproof, not need maintenance. They’re user-friendly to appease the want of nicotine, without having trouble making arrangements of chargers or coil and all hesitations brought by regular vapes.

Functionally speaking, disposable vapes provide more convenience than regular vapes. It is to keep in mind that users switch to vaping to get some time out from busy life matters and go into relaxation mode, rather than to get in the trouble of maintaining their vapes. That’s what we come up with the solution of the disposable pod system. Disposable vapes don’t even require carrying a lighter. We assure you that it’s even more conducive than smoking.

What Does Vape Taste Like?

Nicotine, the base ingredient of vape flavor, possesses a quite piquant taste profile, usually, it's mixed up by a certain flavor. Nicotine itself is described by the vapers as "spicy," "tangy", or sometimes produces a chemical-like taste.

E-liquid flavors can be finding in dozens of varieties, ranging from aromatic spices i.e., cinnamon or cloves to sweet-smelling fruits. The tobacco flavor is a leading flavor profile for an incredibly huge tapestry.

Moreover, it’s quite an unusual feeling and sensation compared to smoking cigarettes, there’s no throat scratch or feeling of the vapor going into the lungs that you have with cigarettes. The consumer gets moments of satisfaction with a tingly sensation when it hit the back of the throat. But it has quite a well-throat hit, a fine tingle, and satisfies the same desire as smoking.

If the vape liquid is mixed with nicotine, the stimulant effect can take the consumer out of the world. Like-wise, one might get from coffee or an energy drink, but pleasant enough to be buzzed differently.

Why Does a Disposable Vape Hit By Itself?

When your vaporizer gives weak hits, or you get no flavor hits upon inhaling, it's likely that you're either vaping too quickly or aren't giving the device enough time to re-saturate during the interval of puffs.

As it is obvious that electronic devices can malfunction by their activation sensors. Thus, e-cigs lie under the category of such devices, sometimes malfunctioning when a user mistakenly blows air into a mouthpiece instead of inhaling. Another reason for it can be exposure to high-pressure wind. There might be causes for the device to malfunction but commonly noted.

An Exclusive Range of Exquisite Disposable Vapes For The Cloud Chasers

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Give a Try to the Unique Vape Flavors!

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5 Tips to Take E-Liquid Taste to the Optimum Level

Temperature Variation:

Slight temperature variation can affect the taste of flavors, a temperature change can bring the richness of taste at one time and can make it bitter at another point.

Alteration in wattage:

    The taste of the liquid is highly dependent upon the watt. The right watt at right time require for every other

    liquid as per their combination. Some liquids can taste better at 20W, whereas some can give the best sensation to the taste buds at 30W.

    Adequate E-Juice Storage:

      Degradation of flavor can cause by the improper management of E-liquid storage. It works on the phenomenon of wine; e-juices taste better with age (within limit). Most liquids must be keeping in a cool and dry place.

      High Quality:

        Quality comes first. Higher the quality, the greater the result. From making the combination of liquids to the manufacturing of pods to the process of filling, maintaining a system of quality management at every step of production is mandatory.

        Limit Airflow:

          The size of the vapor chamber can bring variation in airflow. The width of the vapor chamber can highly affect the taste of flavor. For rich vapor flavor, the airflow of the vaporizer can be made narrow, but in such cases pay high attention to the temperature control because vapors can become hot if the airflow gets too close. For the users who love to play with smoke plumes, limiting airflow is the utmost solution for them. More airflow moving between your coil create giant clouds in the vapor. Thus, warm and dense cloud carries a lot more flavor. An adjustable airflow system makes the user able to bring variation in flavor.