What Is TFN E-Liquid?

What Is TFN E-Liquid?

The breakthrough in vaping industry pushes experts to work on evolving this market with a better product for vaping desires. As steadily research has been going on to develop more efficient and effective vapes and related accessories. In this matter, an exclusive addition in the e-liquid is the talk of the town. In this article, we have tried our best to cover all the necessary information which make your mind clear. And also about what impact TFN creates on vape consumers.


TFN stands for Tobacco-free nicotine juice, commonly referred to as synthetic (man-made) nicotine. It does not use any fragment of the tobacco plant. Traditionally, nicotine derives from tobacco leaves, where it strips from the plant by using a solvent like ether or kerosene. TFN is a replica of tobacco-derived nicotine, it is completely lab-made and maintains the same molecular structure. It is often called synthetic nicotine because scientists developed TFN on a micro molecular scale. Allowing the construction of nicotine molecules without using the leaf or any part of tobacco.


Tobacco Free Nicotine is not different from tobacco-derived nicotine. The nicotine in normal e-liquids and TFN juice is the same at a molecular level. Hence, it's real nicotine made in a lab, not a "nicotine-like" compound. However, salt nicotine is poles apart because it is a transformed version of freebase nicotine. However, TFN is synthetic nicotine even purer and delivers even better quality. 

There are a lot of impurities that come with nicotine when it extracts from tobacco leaves. The residual particles from the plant couldn't eliminate. Resulting in residual smells and tastes from the solvent used. Nicotine never smelled bad, the other chemicals make it smell bad, not the nicotine itself. In fact, until now, freebase nicotine is the purest form of nicotine compares to other nicotine by-products.

If truth be told, there is no significant difference between the synthetic and the natural version. Except for the best quality, potency, and purity. TFN does not contain any of the contaminants that tobacco-derived nicotine contains. And preserves the same biological impact offered by tobacco-derived nicotine. Nicotine is of course odorless and tasteless. It's a great choice for vape juices since TFN is pure nicotine. The cherry on the Sundae, the bitterer and harsher tastes, often found in nicotine-infused juices aren't present in TFN e-liquids. Consequently, you get clear, bright flavors and amusing tastes. That’s why, TFN juices, despite their higher manufacturing costs have exploded in popularity.


Both natural and synthetic nicotine are identical at a molecular level. Thus TFN isn't any safer yet more dangerous than nicotine extracted from tobacco, and both cause the same effect. TFN is overall safer because there is a lack of impurities that come during the extraction of nicotine from tobacco. Perhaps, TFN products could be a harmless choice. Now, TFN has proved to be the gap filler for the customers’ need. For those who didn’t vape just because of the tobacco element in the product.


The FDA addressed the concern of Tobacco Free Nicotine. And they’ve definite that e-liquids prepared with synthetic nicotine will not be regulated by FDA. The FDA indicates that: TFN Nicotine cannot be regulated under the Deeming Rule as it is not a tobacco product. We’ve concluded that any open or closed system vape filled with synthetic nicotine products will consider a non-tobacco product.

According to Vincent Schuman, the CEO of Next Generation Labs:

This in due course means that vape juice using TFN does not regulate to the PMTA deadline. Any course, or any participation employing the Food and Drug Administration.


The higher price tag is the foremost reason that doesn’t encourage vaping companies to add TFN to their recipes. In addition to not wanting to lose the database of retained customers that prefer tobacco-derived nicotine. Moreover, many e-liquid companies can aggregate the millions of dollars, required from the process of PMTA. 

As time pass by, the vapor products industry is growing and getting fancy. Advanced vape devices and accessories are achieving milestones. The future of devices bringing revolution to the vape industry. Years by years, many companies and brands are getting into the flight of launching extraordinary products. In response to the question many wonders, Tobacco Free Nicotine is the future of vape e-juice. Although, the vapor products industry builds to become a complete ecosystem of vaping options. After all, the innovation and motivation to create more user-friendly. And also less harmful nicotine products is the ambition that has propelled this industry since its birth. Tobacco Free Nicotine is just the latest big innovation and another stepping stone for vaping enthusiasts.